Commercial & Residential Plumbing

At Merit Plumbing Services we love having the opportunity to serve this community with a staff full of Plumbers Scottsdale AZ. Residential plumbing is a big part of what we do, making sure that we take care of any of your plumbing issues as quickly as possible. We go above and beyond to make sure that we address your issue that very same day, and do our best to get you into our schedule as soon as possible. With residential plumbing there are jobs of all different types and sizes, we have a team of highly trained professionals that are equipped to handle anything from repiping to a simple drain cleaning. Our goal for Merit is to be your go to Plumbers Scottsdale AZ that you can count on to do the job right the very first time and accommodate your busy schedule instead of you planning your day around them. The same goes for commercial work as well! We are honored to say that we have worked with many wonderful local companies in the area. The City of Masa, the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort and Clarendon Hotel and Spa, and Scottsdale Fashion Square just to name a few of the lovely businesses we have gotten to service in the past. We are eager to earn your business and would love to be that reliable fix to all of your plumbing needs. We look forward to talking to you soon and making sure all your plumbing services are taken care of right the very first time!


For general contractors and builders we are thrilled to have a reputation as a reliable and efficient subcontractor that always gets the job done. With a full staff of plumbers Scottsdale AZ that are dedicated to new construction plumbing. We have found that there is a shortage of qualified and efficient contractors out there and finding a subcontractor that will show up on time and get things done in the budget provided is extremely difficult. We put an intense focus in making sure that we show up on time and that a general contractor can trust to not just maintain but improve their reputation. Finding plumbers Scottsdale AZ that are educated and willing to work in the construction industry can be tough, but when you are in need of one we highly encourage you to call Merit Plumbing Services. Communication is something we are huge on and will always be keeping the homeowner or general contractor we are working with in the loop! We want to make the job go by as seamlessly as possible which is why we do a clean up guarantee and require our guys to show up on time to each and every job. We have a ton of long standing relationships with many builders and construction companies around town who know that when they are in needing of plumbing work, Merit is the number to call!

Water Heater Installation & Repair

We get a lot of calls here at Merit Plumbing Services that require a wide range of skills by plumbers Scottsdale AZ, however one of the calls that we get most often are to repair or replace a water heater. The last thing you want after a hard long day at work is to have to get into a freezing shower or doing dishes by hand because your hot water heater is in need of repair. Even worse than repair is the daunting financial burden and hassle of having to replace the water heater entirely. That is where we come in! At Merit Plumbing Services we provide you with the best solutions all at affordable options to either repair your water heater or replace it entirely. A lot of plumbers Scottsdale AZ will charge crazy amounts and have no experience with more modern solutions like tankless water heaters. We love tankless water heaters for many different reasons, the biggest being that it is significantly smaller than your traditional water heater. This saves you room in your attic, garage, or closet. They are also why easier to install and take care of with repairs and maintenance. Being your most efficient for water heaters we are extremely proud to be certified carriers of many different reputable tankless water heater providers. This is a new development in the industry and we are dedicated in being well versed and proficient in these more modern solutions.


Unlike some plumbers Scottsdale AZ who are only willing to do service work and repairs, we do not shy away from bigger jobs like new construction or repiping. We understand that these big projects can be expensive and time consuming, finding a general contractor you can trust can seem like an impossible task. At Merit Plumbing we have spent a significant amount of time dedicated to making sure we are your best choice for full service plumbing as there is no plumbing job we cannot do. We are your one stop shop for plumbing services in the Scottsdale Area and are committed to having plumbers Scottsdale AZ on our staff who have a ton of experience in the industry and are experts in their trade. We do not shy away from big jobs that require a lot of attention and labor, in fact we guarantee the quality of work in which we provide with a labor warranty whether you are a contractor or a homeowner. Whether you are doing a remodel on your home or building a brand new one, having your plumbing done right the first time can save you a tremendous amount of money and time. That is why we highly encourage you to read our Why Us page or asking us what the difference of using Merit Plumbing is compared to any other plumbing company around. When you are feeling overwhelmed about a larger project and want to ensure the quality of work that is going to be performed is up to the highest of standards, call Merit Plumbing Services.