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What Makes Merit Plumbing Services the Best Plumbers Scottsdale AZ Option?

Merit Plumbing Services is made up of a team of capable plumbers Scottsdale AZ who can tackle any project. Whether it be with commercial plumbing issues, a recent build-out for a hair salon or a simple clogged drain in your kitchen, Merit Plumbing eliminates your plumbing problems. While it’s obvious that working with great plumbers Scottsdale AZ is important, why should you care so much about hiring a top-notch team for your home or property? Shouldn’t the majority of plumbers in Scottsdale be able to handle your plumbing dilemmas?

We would argue that most of the options for plumbers Scottsdale AZ come with their common miscues. We provide a breakdown comparison of what makes Merit Plumbing Services stand out, but here are the top areas that typical plumbers Scottsdale AZ miss the mark.

Other Plumbers Are Typically Not Time Sensitive

In the last decade of projects and service calls, we can confidently say that many contractors and plumbers do not effectively utilize a calendar. While research shows that a majority of people use calendars, we too often see missed appointments, late arrivals and poor follow-up existing in the industry. How can we verify this? Many customers we work with call us literally because their contractor was so difficult to deal with. 

Since this keeps happening, our theory becomes more and more validated that most plumbers Scottsdale AZ choose to use the “mental calendar.” Instead of writing down what tasks they need to do, where they need to head each day and properly planning their time, they’d much rather rely on their brains. As I’m sure you may know, the mental calendar isn’t as tried and true as a documented calendar of specific, scheduled appointments. 

As we like to say in our business, “the pen is for memory and the mind is for execution.” Rather than banking on remembering everything inside our wonderful minds, we write it down, follow-up with each task on a to-do list and spend our time concentrating on how to best serve you. This means it would be a disservice to do our business in any other way. 

Other Plumbers Typically Provide Vague Pricing

It’s a mystery to our Merit Plumbing team to see how typical plumbers Scottsdale AZ keep creating very inaccurate estimates, and still stay in business. A plumber can willingly give you a “confident” answer for prices on a service repair, then arrive at the home and come back with a “surprise” increase of $500 to the bill. While it’s completely unprofessional if you think about it, it’s almost a norm in the industry. 

Homeowners and property owners generally have a stigma toward contractors and plumbers. The reason why is because many plumbers Scottsdale AZ give confident prices left and right, but come back later to throw off the customer. Do you think it grants the contractor any long-term business for this customer? Absolutely not! That’s why we now have their business! They do this “bait and switch” move to give you a low ball price, but come back with a more reliable, helpful solutions that cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars more! It’s so annoying that this is so common in the industry.

Other Plumbers Typically Are NOT Remarkable

Do you remember the plumber you worked with recently? Chances are, the company you worked with last did not leave a remarkable impression. For whatever reason, they just seemed like any old plumber to you. Sure, some plumbers Scottsdale AZ do provide a great experience! They dress sharp, don’t smell like sweaty dogs and provide speedy, efficient service for your needs. 

Based on our experience working plumbing in Scottsdale AZ, customers just can’t seem to rely on a contractor who can fulfill all three of those qualities at once. Some plumbers Scottsdale AZ are fast, but they look like a mess and won’t show up on time. Then there are others who keep themselves presentable, but they need to come back multiple times just to do a good job! If you miss any one of these factors with your work, you’re missing something important. It doesn’t help build trust and reliability when you look great, but it takes you several hours to fix a clogged drain.

Work With Merit Plumbing Services

We understand that if you look at the options for excellent plumbing companies in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, there are only a few choices available. We can proudly proclaim ourselves as one of the best in the area. We don’t mean to humble brag, but with the 100 Google reviews from customers raving about our work, we seem to notice a trend. While most contractors are flaky with their appointments and lack the ability to be personable with each customer, Merit Plumbing is able to service each customer far beyond most. Here’s how we stack up side-by-side with the “Typical Scottsdale Plumbing” and why we do it.


Merit Plumbing Services

Typical Scottsdale Plumbing

2 Year Labor Warranty: We guarantee our work by offering a two year warranty on all labor for every single one of our projects. 1 Year Labor Warranty: Will only give you the bare minimum and will be reluctant to come back out if there is an issue with the quality of work. 
Clean Up Guarantee: We go above and beyond to leave your house cleaner than when we found it. Laying down plastic to prevent any stains or dirt.  Leave a Mess: Completely disregard your home and will leave the space grimy. 
Skilled Technicians: All of our guys have extensive experience and participate in ongoing training to make sure that you are getting the highest quality of service possible.  Just a Chuck in a Truck: Have little to know experience with no desire to keep up with industry standards, just a handyman. 
High Quality Materials: We use Uponor for all of our piping with their industry leading 25 year warranty! Low Quality Materials: Will skimp on materials buying the cheapest possible then marking them up!


Two Year Labor Warranties

Merit Plumbing Services provides a two-year labor warranty on all work done for your home or commercial property. That’s a great deal compared to most because most will give you only a one year warranty and even no warranty! Rest assured that if you call one of our plumbers Scottsdale AZ, they will provide you the treatment you deserve! We also understand that things happen and unforeseen circumstances occur months down the road. So don’t get nervous about calling us back to slap on more charges to your bank account. We’ll come in and work our magic on the tragic situation.

What we see too often in the industry is an indifference to above and beyond service. The plumber comes in once for the fix up and since they are so busy with other work, they literally hope you never call again. Even if they didn’t mind, the response time is abysmal with their former clients. A customer could have reached out a couple days ago and they’re now  just checking their missed calls.

Clean Up Guarantee

Have you ever invited a guest to your home and they obviously didn’t understand what normal house etiquette looked like? Has a contractor in the past tracked in dirty shoes that you had to clean up? Doesn’t it seem like this is a given to do for customers?

We don’t want you to deal with this when working with Merit Plumbing Services. We have certain policies and precautions in place to keep a clean environment in your home. We’ll lay down plastic covering on the floors to eliminate stains. We’ll clean off our shoes prior to entering your home. As an added measure, we’ll even sweep up a little bit prior to leaving the property to make sure we leave your home better than we found it! In order to provide unanticipated service to each customer, we’ll do the added details that make you say, “Wow!”

Skilled Technicians

It’s irritating when you hire someone to fulfill a task, but they aren’t able to deliver. Whether it’s a lack of experience, dishonesty in their capabilities or a dysfunctional work ethic, customers deal with headache contractors too frequently. We know that if you hire a dysfunctional contractor, you can get locked into a working relationship that’s now a nightmare. We hear stories all the time about plumbers Scottsdale AZ and any other contractor making the job much longer than needed.

At Merit Plumbing Services, we never want to be the organization that causes you headaches. You have kids to cart around to all sorts of activities, friends who have their own life issues and not to mention your own problems! The last thing you want to deal with is a plumber who comes over and doesn’t give you the kind of relief you need. That’s why Merit Plumbing Services, almost to our detriment, gets picky with their technicians. We’re growing immensely and earning new clients everyday, but it wouldn’t help at all to tarnish the good name we’ve worked so hard for. That’s why we sift through tons of candidates and applicants to get you the best that our area has to offer. Even if they aren’t awesome right away and still need to know the ropes, we’re by their side and implementing training on a regular basis.

High-Quality Materials

Part of the reason why your plumbing continually has issues is because your contractor provides low-standard materials. It’s a bigger deal than your plumber talks to you about. In our work, we heavily prioritize the necessity for high-quality parts in our work. That’s one of the reasons why we can offer a two-year labor warranty! In order to maintain our standards of excellence and quality, we must be able to ensure that our work lasts longer than a minimum of two years.

It wouldn’t make sense for us to sell you work if you need to call us back a year later for the same issue. While some of the more “top of the line” products are more expensive, we’d advise that it’s well worth it to your home or commercial property. You don’t want to create a habit of constantly being the people that need to fix their plumbing. Just get it done right the first time and let the equipment hold up for several years to come.

And don’t worry, we won’t be hard selling you either. That’s another big complaint we hear from the other plumbers Scottsdale AZ. They are more than willing to force down your throat whatever they can earn off of you. In some cases, we’ll arrive at a property and wonder why they even needed this system. At Merit Plumbing Services, we place our merit on the end result you experience.

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