About Us

Mike Defrates, Owner

Mike (Michael) Defrates, is the owner of Merit Plumbing Services, striving to deliver to the community the best plumbers Scottsdale AZ. Mike has a masters plumbing license is the leader of the team that works for him. He has four trucks that are out in the field every single day with two men per truck. This gives them the opportunity to focus on both plumbing construction and residential service work at the same time as certain trucks can be dedicated to different projects. By doing this Mike, is almost always able to get one of his guys out to you on the very same day that you call! This is super rare as most companies are not flexible with their schedules and fail to get to you for several days, or forget your appointment entirely. We believe that by never compromising on the customer service in which we deliver as plumbers Scottsdale AZ we have been blessed with many long standing customers who sing our praises. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and would encourage you to read a few of our google reviews before giving us a call so that you can hear from some of those incredibly loyal customers!

About the Team

At Merit Plumbing Services the thing that is most important to us is having a staff full of plumbers Scottsdale AZ that are passionate about what they do and operate with an incredible amount of integrity. There is no room for lazy or grumpy people on our team and we have been really blessed with the plumbers that have joined Merit! We strive to be extremely efficient while also making sure to pay attention to details. Creating an environment that encourages hard work gives us the opportunity to serve our customers better as we are able to serve them the very same day. Instead of pushing your appointment to a later date, we will have a tech ready to come over and swiftly diagnosis and treat your issue. This is an industry that struggles in finding hardworking, qualified employees which has encouraged us to make sure that we are treating our staff like family and giving them a job in which they can grow. If you are interested in becoming a plumbers Scottsdale AZ and have interest in Merit we would love for you to give us a call so that we can schedule a time for you to interview!

Vision for the Company

We’ve got big dreams here at Merit Plumbing Services and at the heart of that dream is providing the Scottsdale area reliable and affordable plumbing services. The goal is to have a huge team filled with plumbers Scottsdale AZ that are extremely skilled in commercial and residential plumbing! We want to make sure that we are covering all of our bases and that there is no plumbing emergency that our team here at Merit Plumbing Services won’t be able to handle. This means having multiple locations and fully staffed teams for commercial and residential both. However, as we grow we want to make sure that we are always improving and never compromise on the quality of our customer service. Once you use us we want you to be a customer for life that feels valued and cared for. That means that we cannot just be one of the typical plumbers Scottsdale AZ that just puts bandaids over problems and then charges you an arm and a leg for their service. This also means that we must hold ourselves to higher standards than any other plumbing company in town and make sure that we are never satisfied.

Xandria, Office Manager

When you call us here at Merit Plumbing Services at first you might think that you have the wrong number because the kind, enthusiastic, and friendly voice on the other end sounds far from your grumpy contractor! Well that is Xandria and although she is not one of the many plumbers Scottsdale AZ around town she is probably the most valuable employee we have! Without her we would have no idea what we are doing or where we are supposed to be going. Our phones would be ringing non stop and we can promise you that our voices are not near as pleasant to speak with! She spends her whole day making sure that our customers are getting taken care of as quickly as possible and that we are not missing any crucial details. Other then keeping track of all of us plumbers Scottsdale AZ that work here at Merit, she also does all of our billing and customer database. This ensures that everything on the back end of the company is always sorted and organized. If you have any questions or would like to go ahead and schedule an appointment please give us a call!

Scottsdale Living

The first time I visited this beautiful area I immediately knew that all the years I spent living anywhere else were a mistake, Scottsdale was the place to be. This is what encouraged me to train a group of plumbers Scottsdale AZ and open Merit Plumbing Services, investing myself into this community for good. My goal is to call this place home for good and provide the area with reliable plumbing services where they see a friendly face ready to serve each time that they give us a call. From exploring the local hot spots to all the picturesque hiking that Scottsdale has to offer, we truly believe that there is something for everyone here. I, as Mike the owner of Merit Plumbing Services, feel extremely blessed to be growing my own company here and getting to live in such a beautiful area surrounded by family and friends. If you are looking for a reliable plumbers Scottsdale AZ or a subcontractor that you can count on, I would challenge you to read a few of our google reviews and then give us a call so that we can come out the very same day to fix your plumbing needs!